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Four In A Bed: Teesside guesthouse with ‘fantastic hosts’ featured on Channel 4 TV show

A Teesside B&B was the focus of Tuesday’s episode of Channel 4 favorite Four In A Bed.

Four In A Bed sees four groups of B&B owners take turns staying at each other’s property, competing to win the best bed and breakfast based on the value of their stay.

On Tuesday’s episode, mother-daughter pair Zoe and Mea Walton welcomed their contestants to The Old Mill, between Ingleby Barwick and Yarm.

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Boasting eight bedrooms from £80 on the show, The Old Mill’s most luxurious spot costs £195 with an outdoor hot tub and a bottle of bubbly.

The owners of the B&B saw their rooms and began to scrutinize every square inch in typical Four in a Bed fashion describing Yarm’s getaway as “very posh” and “immaculate.”

For the activity, Zoe and Mea took the rest of the couples to Croft Circuit where they got to race as a passenger in a hair-raising GT3 Cup Car, a huge hit with the rest of the B&B-goers as they raced around the track.

Over an evening drink, Zoe described The Old Mill as ‘not just a tourist spot’ as they also cater to business people, which fellow B&B owner David Coolham took offense by insinuating that the comment was aimed at his hotel which was previously visited by competitors. .

The Old Mill, Yarm

Argument resolved in the morning, the couples had their pre-ordered breakfast, which was a big hit everywhere.

B&B owner Iris Anderson described her breakfast as ‘tip top’ and her partner Martin McDade said: ‘First class breakfast, very good quality, it was delicious!

However, there was no happy face when it came to feedback time.

Despite The Old Mill’s high rating in other areas such as ‘hosts’ and ‘cleanliness’, B&B owners Spencer Braydon-Phillips and Gavin Reece questioned their bathroom expenses at whirlpool at £195, choosing not to stay at the Yarm Bed and Breakfast in the future.

Despite this slight negative feedback, Zoe and Mea at The Old Mill received rave reviews from other couples.

With a score of 10 as hosts, they were described as “really warm and friendly” by Iris and Martin, with David and his friend Kim Goodham describing their hosts as “fantastic”.

The Old Mill was unfortunately flagged in some aspects, from a wobbly TV cabinet to the lack of ventilation in the bedrooms and was exceptionally rated 8/10 by Spencer and Gavin as their bedroom stored UHT milk.

Zoe and Mea were of course overall very pleased with their scores and the fantastic feedback from their competitors.

Zoe concluded with, “I’m really happy with the results, very proud of what we’ve achieved, let’s see what happens the rest of the week!”

The upscale B&B found itself at the center of a police investigation – which had nothing to do with the family owners – in January.

Police erected a cordon and forensic experts conducted an investigation after an incident at the site.

* To see how The Old Mill fares the rest of the week tune in to Four in a Bed at 5pm on Channel 4.

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