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Falmouth Guest House cleared to convert from hotel to house

Cornwall Council has approved a development application that goes against Falmouth’s new neighborhood plan.

Despite the fact that the proposal to convert Penwarren Guest House to residential property runs counter to the neighborhood plan, it was backed by Falmouth City Council last month.

The city council said it is outside of an area where hotels are protected from development, when in fact it is not.

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Cornwall Council approved the request yesterday.

The guesthouse is within the confines of Falmouth’s Prime Seafront Hotel Zone, where hotels are protected from development as part of Carrick’s Local Plan implemented in 1998.

The Falmouth neighborhood plan was drafted after extensive consultation with residents and submitted to Cornwall Council in July.

It was introduced in order to provide a cohesive development strategy for Falmouth and to give residents more say in the future of the city.

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Falmouth Neighborhood Plan Policy BE 5 states: “In the main hotel area of ​​Falmouth Waterfront, as indicated on the maps of the proposals, the conversion of hotels and guesthouses for uses other than Vacation accommodation will not be approved when it has a negative impact on tourists. character of the region. ”

The applicant, Ms Shirley Cormack-Trezona, said in her application that the building had not been used as a guest house since 2011 and that, if allowed to do so, she would live with her family by renting a maximum of two bedrooms .

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