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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Rising rental prices have left a number of people with very few options. Local economists say this forces many people to stay in motels for extended stays.

A mom from Memphis told FOX13 she struggles to pay the $ 2,000 a month, but her options are limited. She said the motel bill she pays makes it almost impossible to save for permanent accommodation.

Jamie Robson told FOX13 it’s been a tough cycle to break. Extended stay motels are easy to get to because they don’t require a background or credit check and there is very little cash to put in. Residents can pay daily or weekly, but when trying to save for permanent housing, it’s almost impossible to do.

Robson waits for tables at Pearl’s Oyster Bar on Germantown Road. She said she loved her job, but says what’s going on outside of work has been a challenge.

“I don’t sit at home every day,” Robson said. “I work everyday.”

Robson told FOX13 her husband was unable to work due to his health. So, for four months, the family lived in an extended stay motel.

“With four people inside, there isn’t a lot of space,” she said. “It’s me, my husband and my two daughters.

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“People do it because it’s easier financially,” she says. “Yes, you don’t need to have $ 2000 up front. “

But once there, it is almost impossible to save for permanent accommodation.

“And then you’re stuck,” she said.

Robson says that even though she pays weekly, it all adds up to about $ 2,000 a month.

A local economist said more and more people find themselves in the same situation.

He says in addition to ongoing rents rising across Memphis, he predicts extended-stay motels will soon increase prices.

Robson said a price hike would make her homeless and it’s something the mother of four doesn’t want to think about.

“It makes me very upset, makes me very upset because I have worked my whole life and it seems like every time I take a step forward I take ten steps back,” she said.

You can find help in Shelby County here.

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