‘Everyone deserves a nice place to live’: Spokane’s old motels turn into apartment complexes

SPOKANE, Wash. – Three motels in Spokane are being transformed into apartment complexes.

Fortify Holdings LLC, owner of the Gogo West and Gogo Heights apartments, is now buying motels to renovate them into workforce-accessible apartments.

“Over the past 24 months we have embarked on another community building strategy by buying vintage hotels/motels and converting them into workforce housing for communities in desperate need” , wrote Ziad Elsahili, president of Fortify Holdings LLC in a statement. “In all of these cases, at Fortify, we build clean, safe, high-quality housing. We believe everyone deserves a nice place to live.

The former Quality Inn (104 E. 4th), Econolodge (1503 S. Rustle Street), and Days Inn (120 W 3rd) are all undergoing renovations. They will be known as Olmstead, James and Imperial, respectively. Fortify has renovated old motels into apartment complexes across the Pacific Northwest, including the Tri-Cities and Portland area.

Hotels and motels were, and continue to be, an underutilized asset class with willing sellers,” Elsahili wrote. “When travel hit historic lows during the pandemic, we identified an opportunity to deliver much-needed housing to communities that need it, in a much shorter timeframe by buying already existing assets like these motels and building them. reallocating to housing.

At this time, there is no timeline as to when the renovations will be completed. Fortify is currently working on finalizing permits and obtaining certificates of occupancy.

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