ETF REIT Gains: Additionally, Medical Establishments Trust Up 1.37%, Guest Hotels Down 2.87%

The benchmark real estate investment trust ETF closed strong today with a 1.99% advance, its third consecutive day of gains:

SPDR Real Estate Select Fund XLRE, as it is called, represents a diverse group of major REITs and transactions on the New York Stock Exchange. About 7 million shares of this ETF changed hands today, slightly less than usual. The fund pays a dividend of 3.16%.

Medical Properties Trust MPW bounces off lows hit earlier this month and today’s 2.73% gain is good news for their investors who were reeling from a June slump:

The Birmingham, Alabama-headquartered REIT invests in healthcare facilities and pays a 7.92% dividend. 60% of its portfolio has properties in the US, 20% in the UK and the rest is centered in Europe and Australia.

Host Hotels and Resorts HSThad a bad day today with its units down 1.91% – that’s a move from $21 per share at the start of the month to just over $15 per share right now:

Investing in hotels and motels, Host Hotels pays a lower dividend – at 1.53% – than most others in the same industry. Based in Bethesda, Maryland, the company has 78 hotels with more than 42,000 rooms, according to its website.

An alternate option

Publicly traded REITs aren’t the only option for adding passive real estate investments to your portfolio. Many investors prefer the stability of non-traded REITs, like this one with an 8.4% dividend yield.

Other investors prefer the greater upside potential of private equity real estate via crowdfunding or syndication. You can even browse current deals from all the top platforms and syndicators with Benzinga’s deals filter.

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