Design Showcase: The Five Best Hostels

Our ongoing collaboration with TOPHOTELDESIGN highlights stylish programs in the UK, USA and Peru that are reimagining the role of the hostel in the 21st century.

So what exactly is a hostel? It is defined as a low-cost hostel that offers basic shared (and sometimes private) accommodation. However, it can be much more than that.

A converted library and hub for nomadic travelers

Book1 Design Hostel, a former library building dating back to 1934, revives original site activities such as social and cultural programs. Its design concept offers guests the ability to feel both private and social even when booking a bunk bed (hence the name, Book1).

Selina Mancora, located right by the beach, offers guests the opportunity to work, stay, and explore. It is specially designed for nomadic travelers looking for local experiences as well as calm and well-being work environments.

Mollie’s Motel & Diner transforms contemporary design into an affordable experience. Beautiful warm, elegant and inviting atmospheres for those who want to stay or just drive the restaurant.

Generator Miami, located very close to the coast, offers everything a beach resort can while maintaining its accessibility for young travelers. Filled with colorful murals and selfie-friendly backgrounds, it’s ideal for hip guests.

And Generator Amsterdam, a very sociable take on a hostel, is filled with special design touches that run through the communal lounges and cafes and into the rooms.

Book1 Design Hostel

Aarhus, Denmark
by Brøchner Hotels, Mette Fredskild Studio and Morten Hedegaard

Selina Mancora

by Selina

Mollie’s Motel & Dinner

Buckland, United Kingdom
by Soho House

Miami Generator

miami beach
by Silver Design

Imagery: © Mike Butler

Generator Amsterdam

by DesignAgency
Supplied by Hansgrohe

Generator Amsterdam

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