Delhi government seeks applications from hotels and bars to serve alcohol

Moving forward with the implementation of its new excise policy, the Delhi government led by the AAP has invited hotels, clubs, motels, bars and restaurants to submit applications to serve alcohol in their premises.

Arvind Kejriwal’s government has already awarded new licenses for 850 retail liquor distributors in 32 areas of Delhi.

An order issued by the excise department earlier on Monday read: “The Delhi government has decided to grant the license in the form of L-15, L-16, L-17, L-19, L-20, L -21, L -28 and L-29 under the new excise policy to be implemented from November 17 for service in premises approved for “consumption on the spot” (Indian and foreign alcohol) in the National Capital Territory of Delhi for the license year 2021-22. “

The notification prompts applicants to download the required forms from the website of the excise service and submit them with all details and supporting documents.

The license categories for “on-site consumption” are: the service of Indian and foreign liquor in a hotel, motel, guest house to residents in their room (L15), bar / restaurant attached to a hotel (L16), an independent restaurant (L17), independent restaurant located in the arrival or departure area of ​​the international airport (L19).

The other license categories are Indian and foreign alcohol service in a bar / dining car on a luxury train (L20), 24-hour service / sale of alcohol in a bar attached to a hotel located in the arrival or departure area of ​​the international airport (L21), club reserved for officers in service or retired from the government and the armed forces (L29).

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the on-site consumption permits, the permit holder will be required to purchase alcohol from retailers and may store alcohol anywhere on the premises.

Licensees will be permitted to serve alcohol and beer in glasses or bottles while ensuring that they are not taken outside the premises.

What you need to know about the new excise policy

– Private liquor stores in Delhi, which currently account for 40% of the city’s total liquor stores, will be closed from October 1 to November 16.

– The excise department has asked government vendors to stock up due to an expected increase in demand. The government has asked shoppers not to rush to liquor stores or stock alcohol.

– The excise service is also ready to check the possibility of illicit alcoholic beverages entering the city from neighboring states due to the closure of private stores.

– Twenty-six municipal wards in the city were served only by private vendors and will face problems during the 45-day transition period. There are already 80 neighborhoods where there is no alcohol sale.

– The Delhi government awarded the 850 liquor stores in the national capital, including 260 private outlets to private parties through competitive bidding.

– The Delhi government will stop operating alcohol sales from November 16. All wine shops will reopen from November 17 in private ownership.

– The Delhi government has divided the city into 32 zones under its new excise policy. A tender had been issued for liquor sales there to ensure an even distribution of liquor stores across the city. Each zone, comprising 8 to 10 neighborhoods, will have around 27 points of sale.

– The new excise policy will make way for chic liquor stores where customers can even enter and choose the brands of their choice.

– Stores will even be allowed to sell snacks and other consumer products on their premises. Stores will even be allowed to offer discounts.

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