Cyprus opens up to glamping and hostels

In January 2020, Airbnb deals were officially allowed to operate in Cyprus, providing tourists with another means of accommodation on the island besides hotels and hotel apartments. Airbnb catered to the younger and more adventurous, looking for a more personalized experience of what the island had to offer.

Although hotel companies have expressed concerns about unfair competition, this decision has allowed the Cypriot tourism sector to grow over time, adapting to the needs of a new wave of tourists seeking the Cypriot experience.

In the latest effort to modernize Cyprus’ tourism infrastructure and move with the times, businesses on the island now offer two additional types of accommodation – hostels and glamping, something new to the country’s tourism sector but booming elsewhere.

One of the things the pandemic has highlighted is the need for privacy and social distancing, but especially after lockdowns, the need to be outdoors. As a result, glamping, or glamorous camping, has become a popular way to vacation. Companies that offer glamping holidays offer luxury campsites that can offer tourists a way to relax and rejuvenate surrounded by nature.

The trend of glamping is becoming increasingly popular around the world, and the time has come for Cyprus to offer this option to tourists as well. A bill should be submitted to Parliament regulating the operation of luxury camps. He describes glamping as luxury camps like fenced grounds with facilities located outside of residential areas offering guests a luxurious camping experience with or without food.

The luxury camps have furnished spaces in which different types and sizes of camping equipment are placed, such as themed tents, treehouses or cabins, which are environmentally friendly and in harmony with nature. Owners will also need a license to operate.

Before the start of the summer holidays, a draft law on the regulation of the establishment and operation of hostels should be presented to the plenary session of Parliament. This will provide a more economical option for younger visitors. The bill will establish the minimum requirements for hostels to operate as such.