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HUBBALLI: Dharwad District, which has been reporting new lower-number Covid-19 cases daily for three months, saw a frightening increase in infections on Thursday with 66 fully vaccinated students from a medical school testing positive for the coronavirus in the in the last 48 hours.
Infected students at SDM College of Medical Sciences, Sattur, Dharwad were isolated and quarantined at the college hostel. The two homes on the campus where they were staying were barricaded. Offline courses have been suspended.
First major Covid cluster after the reopening of colleges
Sources said this was the first major Covid cluster outbreak after colleges and schools in Karnataka reopened for classroom learning a few months ago.
Principal Dr Ratnamala Desai told TOI two students developed fever and were admitted to hospital after attending a university event on November 17. On Monday, they tested positive for Covid. “Immediately, we tested almost 300 students who attended the event and 64 of them tested positive on Wednesday, bringing the total to 66.”
Most of the infected students are in third grade. “As the infected people showed very mild symptoms, we quarantined them in our hostels,” she said, adding that there had been no reports on the travel history of the students as the reviews were imminent. The district administration cordoned off the college area and posted cops to make sure no one entered or left the campus. At least 100 other students who were primary contacts donated their samples for testing.
District health officer Yashvanth Madinkar said: “We are doing around 2,500 tests per day in the district and the positivity rate has remained below 1%. Thursday, it exceeded 2%.
Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil, who visited the college and had discussions with the administration, told TOI that he had asked the health department to test the 3,000-plus employees of the college and the hospital.
(With entries from Gururaj Jamkhandi)