COP26: Glasgow hotels, hostels and apartments raise prices for summit

Glasgow’s small hostels and guesthouses are taking advantage of the United Nations COP26 summit in the city this year.

From a £ 250-a-night hostel to a £ 2,000-a-night apartment, some are charging up to seven times their regular rate during the early days of the conference, when world leaders are expected in the city.
All major hotels are fully booked, according to their reservation systems and if someone is still looking for a room they will be asked to pay extremely inflated prices.

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There are no rooms available at the Glasgow Hilton hotels, and the Radisson, Millennium Hotel and Holiday Inns are also fully booked.

The only places left are smaller hotels, hostels and apartments.

Besides politicians, thousands of government officials around the world are also expected to be joined by delegations from business and environmental organizations, not to mention the protesters who will be heading to the city.

The Glasgow Times examined the cost of rooms available for a three-night stay in the city from Sunday October 31 through Wednesday November 3.

We found small independent hotels, guest houses, hostels and apartments that were charging massively above what they would normally charge.

If anyone is looking for a small guesthouse in the west of the city, they can always get a room at the Charing Cross Hotel.

They will however be charged £ 1609 for their stay, which includes breakfast.

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To book the same room four weeks earlier it would cost £ 378 for three nights.
For comparison, a three-night stay at the Ritz in London would cost £ 1,380.

The Kelvin Hotel near the Botanic Gardens is asking £ 1,020 for three nights while four weeks earlier it would cost just £ 150.

If someone is on a tight budget and would like to book a hostel, Euro Hostel in Clyde Place with River View is available.

During the first three days of COP26, when presidents and prime ministers are expected in the city, it will cost £ 750.

Four weeks earlier, the same stay would cost the budget-conscious traveler just £ 108.
The rental of apartments and apartments also seeks to take advantage of the COP windfall.
The biggest hike we could find was to the VKM apartments in Pollokshields.

Glasgow Timetables:
It has a one-bedroom apartment available for an exorbitant price of £ 4,645 for three nights. A month earlier it would cost £ 513. They also have a two bedroom apartment for £ 6,335.

That’s more than double the cost of a three-night stay in a Dorchester suite in London on the same dates, which would cost less than £ 3,000.
None of the hotels or hostels we contacted were able to comment on the price increases.

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