Collector warns of measures against wandering inns in Namakkal

Collector Shreya P. Singh has warned hostels and hostels run for children and women in the district to face action if they fail to follow government rules.

On Thursday, the Collector hosted a meeting with inn and house owners at the Collectorate. She said that according to the Tamil Nadu Women’s and Children’s Hostels and Hostels (Regulation) Act 2014, the people who run such hostels and hostels must register their details. Inns and hostels that were operating even before the enactment of this law should also be registered.

Form IV should be submitted to the Collector along with registration details of the trust or association that operates the Inns and Homes, renewal certificates, rules of association, details of administrative members, design of the building, the stability of the building, the license provided by the Tahsildar, the security certificate provided by the fire and rescue service, the health certificate and the data of the food provided in the hostel.

“Hostels and homes should be covered by CCTV cameras, and security guards can be retired police or military. Action will be taken against hotels and residences at fault, including the cancellation of their license. If the hostel is found to be operating without registration, the owner of the hostel or house will be liable to two years imprisonment and a fine of ₹50,000,” Mrs. Shreya P. Singh added. .