Charming inns? In Europe, they actually exist

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Europe has many types of hostels and these are not necessarily the cheap places for backpackers that hostels might be associated with. Europe has a very large backpacker culture and a very diverse range of hostels for these backpackers. There are women-only hostels, prison-turned-museum/hostels, party hostels, boutique hostels, and everything in between.

One of the main attractions of youth hostels is the electric and friendly atmosphere found there. This makes them excellent for solo travelers. Sometimes travelers want to stay in hostels just for the ambiance, with cost being secondary. Some travelers are happy to have an upscale, boutique hostel that doesn’t save money. Instead, they want the awesome social atmosphere that these hostels provide while traveling.


Europe’s luxury hostels

Hostels aren’t just cheap accommodation – in fact, it’s often cheaper to stay in a hotel or guesthouse than in a private room in a hostel.

Europe has some surprisingly high-end hostels that can seriously change the way we think about hostel accommodation. lists some of the most amazing hostel options on the continent. And one will be blown away by how innovative and imaginative some hostels can be.

Examples of quirky hostels in Europe:

  • Charming inn in Vienna: Vienna
  • Jumbo Stay: stockholm
  • Hostel Celica: Slovenia
  • Kessler House: Barcelona
  • Lavender Circus: Budapest
  • The 3 Ducks Boutique Hostel: Paris
  • Sir Toby’s Inn: prague

Consider staying in a jumbo jet hostel in Stockholm in an old Boeing 747 or staying in a former political prison in Slovenia. The political prison is today an artistic hostel and is also a symbol for the small country of Slovenia to emerge from a sometimes troubled past. The rooms in which one stays are called “cells” and have been artistically decorated.

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Vienna Boutique Hostel

An example of a boutique hostel can be found in Vienna – called Vienna Boutique Hostel. This hostel is located only about 1.5 km from Vienna’s impressive Natural History Museum and other eye-catching imperial monuments.

The hostel is charming with warm furnishings and comfy rugs. Vienna Boutique Hostel is no ordinary hostel and has been designed to the highest standards of Vienna charm. It used to be more of a boutique guest house, but has now been reinvented as a hostel.

The hostel offers a selection of private and dormitory rooms. Private rooms have en-suite bathrooms while dorms have premium beds with plenty of space, curtain, outlet, dimmable lights and 2 USB ports. Dorms are limited to three, four or six beds.

Vienna Boutique Hostel is a great option for solo travelers traveling for the first time looking for a safe and comfortable stay. The hostel is also small so guests won’t be overwhelmed by other guests. It offers a piece of both worlds between the impersonal atmosphere of a hotel and the sometimes stuffy social atmosphere of a party hostel.

  • Breakfast: Not included
  • Evaluation: 9.7 “Superb” on Hostelworld
  • Private room: From $100.00
  • Dormitory bed: From $40.00

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Stay in hostels around the world

Beyond Europe, there are hostels (sometimes called “backpackers”) around the world that are more like a resort than a hostel. If you are planning to go to Kenya and relax on their stunning tropical beaches, stay away from Kilifi.

Distance Relatives is an eco-resort-like hostel with a bar, private bungalows, dorms, a pool, beach access, and a super cool vibe. It is also one of the most popular weekend party spots for Kenyans.

Other stylish hostels can be found all over the world. Bali gets its first custom-designed CoWorking hostel. It’s complete with a restaurant, co-working space, pool, and more. This is a great example of a hostel designed for remote workers and backpackers.

Czech Inn in Prague is another strange hostel. It has plenty of respectable accommodation – but also a 36-bed dormitory in the basement with no windows and little ventilation (imagine). It also has a great underground bar with a stage and theater for concerts and other shows.

If one wishes otherwise and finds a hostel that proudly embraces all of the worst images of hostel life, stay at the Hans Brinker Hostel – the so-called “worst hostel in the world”.