Camden motels kicked out of city council

CAMDEN, SC – Camden City Council voted Tuesday, April 12 to pass an ordinance to close the Deluxe Inn and Mona Lisa Motel in Camden.

Resident Christy Coop shared her reaction to the news, “the best news I’ve heard in months.” Adding: ‘I’ve been here all my life and it’s horrible’.

City planner Sean Putnam agrees the decision was necessary to improve the city. “The reason for this was the significant number of police incidents at these two locations, when you look we looked at five years of historical crime data and determined that we had four to five times the number of calls for service at these two places while we had all the other hotels in town”.

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With a large amount of crime coming from both locations, Putnam added, “a significant number of drug charges were laid, there were a few murders at each of the hotels, a lot of underage drinking, domestic violence, property crimes, so we made a decision, the council decided that something had to be done”.

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Putnam added that they have some time to get out, “we have set a deadline of July 31, 2024 and after that time hotels must either cease operations or convert to another use in this zoning district. “,

The closure of both motels allows residents like Shamekkico Weathers to feel more comfortable commuting to and from work. .