Budget hotels renamed KTDC make profits, despite pandemic


Bolstered by the response to KTDC hotels and motels which got a facelift and renamed in 2019, the agency is preparing to launch Foodie Wheels, a café-bus, facing the backwaters of Vaikom.

A bus was purchased for this purpose from the KSRTC and an upper deck was added, after which it was tastefully fitted out and placed in what was once a landfill behind the Aaram Motel in Vaikom. In addition, the premises have been arranged to offer customers a soothing experience. The concept was borrowed from Sayahna, the garden restaurant of the Mascot hotel managed by KTDC in Thiruvananthapuram.

The ₹ 35 lakh business near the Vaikom temple will be inaugurated on Monday by the Minister of Tourism and Public Works PA Mohamed Riyas.

Bond with KSRTC

The one-of-a-kind KTDC-KSRTC partnership initiative will be extended to other tourist sites where land is scarce and construction difficult, said Krishna Teja, director of Kerala Tourism and general manager of KTDC.

Lifting mission

This is the latest addition to the Mission Facelift team, which the KTDC – whose properties are located in privileged areas – launched in 2019 to improve patronage. By virtue of this, many motels known as Aaram have been renamed Aahar (Sanskrit for food), which people speaking different languages ​​can easily relate to. Additionally, each was given a name that reflected the essence of its location, whether it was the backwaters (hence Ripple Land for its property in Alappuzha) or Loom Land in Kannur (a neighborhood famous for weaving and ballads).

Budget hotels, previously known under the Tamarind brand, are modernized and rebranded as modern budget hotels which end with the Land name.

Make profits

Interestingly, the hospitality units that were given a facelift and were renamed started to generate operational profits. They include what is better known as the Grand Chaithram, a budget hotel in the heart of the city of Thiruvananthapuram. It was about reinventing each unit, which began by removing unnecessary compound walls to improve their visibility. In addition, attractive colors for tourists have been selected, and lighting and signage have been improved. Substantial changes have been made to interiors, public toilets and gardens, Mr Teja said.

The renamed Aahar units have become popular as clean restaurants serving quality food. In addition, high-end resorts will be prepared in Muzhipilangad, Bekal and Kanyakumari, sources said.

The KTDC used its own funds and those provided by Kerala Tourism for the facelift, while its website was redesigned. Each individual property has also been given a new logo, with the help of an organization formed to give a corporate impression.