Best hotels in Montauk (Updated June 2021)

Faqs: vacations in Montauk

What are the best things to do in Montauk?

It’s all about the outdoors, with surfing on Ditch Plains Beach, horseback riding (Montauk is home to one of the oldest ranches in the country), hikes in state parks, and visits to the iconic lighthouse.

There’s an emerging style scene too, with upscale boutiques mixed with the city’s t-shirt stores. Most of the hotels on this list have notable restaurants, but some of my favorite local spots include Salivar’s Clam & Chowder House (a fish restaurant with great sushi), Swallow East (a dockside restaurant with small plates), Inlet (more great sushi and gorgeous water views), Duryea’s (lobster on a dock above the water), and Ruschmeyer’s (global coastal cuisine, including summer favorites like rolls lobster and Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizzas). In town, the Montauk Brewing Company is the perfect place to sample local beers. Want to see an incredible sunset? The views from The Montauket, a dive bar on the outskirts of town, are epic.

How are the beaches of Montauk?

Montauk has a range of options, from the vast expanses of the Atlantic Ocean to small beaches by the bay. Ditch Plains is one of the most popular surf spots in the world, but it’s not just for surfers – kids play in the water, while couples stroll along the cliffs. You can also find many wonderful beaches along the Atlantic coast.

All of the beaches in this part of Long Island are open to the public, and while you might be tempted to stop at a beach, be aware that parking can be difficult if you don’t have a beach sticker or if you are in a paid lot. (And parking tickets don’t come cheap.) Fortunately, some hotels on this list offer free parking permits. Other hotels are located directly on the beach.

How many days do you need in Montauk?

You can make the most of Montauk in a weekend. But a warning: on summer weekends, getting to and from Montauk can be a nightmare due to traffic. If you can take time off, it is best to try to arrive on Thursday evening or Friday morning and leave on Monday.

What is the best time of year to visit Montauk?

This small seaside town at the tip of Long Island reaches its peak in summer, when it seems like all of New York is going downhill. One of the best times to visit Montauk is in September and October, when the weather is still spectacular, the crowds leave and the fish jump.

How do I get to Montauk from New York?

If you drive or rent a car, it takes a little over three hours to get to Montauk. However, on Friday night in the summer the traffic can be almost unbearable and it will take a lot longer. You can also take the Hampton Jitney bus starting at $ 30 one-way, or the Long Island Rail Road, which starts at $ 13.50 one-way.

Are the hotels safe?

The CDC said fully vaccinated people can travel safely around the country. Most hotels have strict new COVID-19 security procedures in place. While you’re more likely to meet other people in a hotel than if you were staying in a private vacation rental, experts say it’s possible to be safe.

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