Guest house

Another South Shields Ocean Road guesthouse is set to be converted into a family home after plans are approved

Earlier in July 2022, South Tyneside Council’s planning department registered an application for the Walkerville Guest House at 125 Ocean Road, which is near the junction with Lawe Road.

Planning documents indicate that the applicant owns property adjacent to 123 Ocean Road and aimed to convert 125 Ocean Road from a holiday accommodation into a detached house.

The owners of the guest house have previously confirmed that they plan to retire and that the guest house will close once the residential conversion is advanced.

Another guesthouse is set to become a family home under new plans.

After reviewing the application and assessing it against planning policies, South Tyneside Council’s planning department approved it on 3 August 2022.

A decision report prepared by council officers said the property was well served by public transport and local services and that a change in use would be acceptable.

The Planning Decision Report adds: ‘The proposed site is considered to represent a sustainable location and as such would be consistent with the objectives of the National Planning Policy Framework and the objectives of the South Tyneside Local Development Framework.

“The proposed development demonstrates that additional accommodation can be provided on the site and not detract from the residential amenity.

“The floor space provided is considered adequate and would not compromise road safety.”

The planning app is the latest in a trend of guesthouses and bed and breakfasts on Ocean Road returning to residential uses.

In recent years a number of properties on the street have obtained planning permission to convert back into residential accommodation.

This included plans to convert a guest house into a nine-bedroom multi-occupancy house which was approved by a government-appointed town planning inspector.

In July 2022 South Tyneside Council’s planning department also registered an application to change a bed and breakfast at 59 Ocean Road into a residential house.

According to planning requirements, the conversion of 125 Ocean Road to a single-family home must occur within three years.

For more information on applying for planning, visit South Tyneside Council’s online planning portal and search for reference: ST/0514/22/FUL