Andhra Pradesh MP concerned about state of Telangana hostels

VIJAYAWADA: YSR Rajya Sabha Congress MP Raga Krishnaiah, elected from AP, has expressed concern over poor conditions at BC, SC and ST hostels and Gurukul schools in Telangana.

In a statement on Saturday, Krishnaiah, who is the head of 16 unions and associations in Telangana, apart from the National BC Welfare Association; accused that Telangana’s hostels have turned into hells, with hundreds of students hospitalized with fever and some even suffering from snakebites.

The MP pointed out that a student died after being bitten by a snake at BC Boys Hostel in Birkur in Kamareddy district. He asked Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao to take immediate action to improve the situation in hostels.

Krishnaiah pointed out that mess fees payable to students in Telangana hostels have not increased over the past five years. He pointed out that a meal in a hotel costs at least ₹60. But the TS government only pays ₹10 per meal. He wondered how one can provide a meal at this price.

MP and leaders of 15 other organizations demanded government build hostels to accommodate BC students, SC and ST, fill vacant BC Commissioner, appoint IAS officer for the BC Gurukula Society, provide a medical allowance of ₹50,000 to each hostel, appoint nursing staff for each hostel, and establish computer facilities in each hostel.