Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Wellness Hostels, Nadu

Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy held a review meeting on infrastructure facilities in SC, ST, BC, Gurukula minority schools, social hostels and Nadu-Nedu on Wednesday , at the camp office in Tadepalli. It issued guidelines on hostel operations.

The Chief Minister has issued several guidelines for the effective management of social care homes and their maintenance. Under the Nadu-Nedu program, he ordered officials to start working in all types of hostels within a year.

According to the CM, a fund should be created to maintain homes in the same way as we created to maintain schools. He also said doctors should visit hostels and monitor students’ health, which should be mandatory. The Chief Minister instructed officials to raise inn maintenance costs and meal prices.

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Jagan asked officials to improve the food menu offered to children and to ensure that food and facilities in hostels are better than at home.

CM ordered that next year permanent buildings be constructed in place of rented accommodation and existing hostels be upgraded to the best standards. He said the children staying in the homes should be proud to be there. Work on social care homes and schools in Gurukula is expected to be completed within a year, Jagan said.

BC Welfare Minister Chelluboina Srinivasa Venugopalakrishna, Social Welfare Minister Meruga Nagarjuna, CS Sameer Sharma, Finance Special CSSS Rawat, BC Welfare Principal Secretary B Jayalakshmi, Social Welfare Secretary MM Naik, Minority Welfare Secretary A.Md. Imtiaz, Director of Tribal Welfare Department M Jahnavi and other senior officials were present.

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