Albuquerque nears homicide record, DPA notes increase in homicides in hotels and motels

APD data shows that 16 homicides took place at addresses linked to local motels and hotels in 2021.

Investigators said they noticed an underlying pattern in the killings. There are four “hot spots” with multiple homicides this year: Motel 6 where the last fatal shooting occurred, the Ramada Inn on Hotel Circle, and the American Inn and Suites and Desert Sands Inn and Suites, both off Central.

Imesh Vaidya, owner of the hotel and CEO of Premier Hospitality, said he believed it was because locals had money but nowhere to go and the police response needed to improve.

“They have the money right now and there is no other alternative for them to spend their money, so they come to hotels,” Vaidya said. “Hotels have increased security, we have added cameras, we have added real security in hotels.”

Medina has responded to the concern, saying they are considering sending additional agents to hotels and motels, but he doesn’t want to disperse staff too much.

So far this year, 36 homicides have been reported in homes or apartment complexes, three murders have taken place in local parks and 24 have taken place at various locations – like intersections, for example.

According to the APD, at five months of the year, the city is only two homicides off the record set in 2019. Albuquerque police reported 78 homicides in 2021 and six homicides last week.

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