A new guesthouse is opening in Sandton and it’s beautiful!


A home away from home …

This is what Hyatt Hotels offers to guests who wish to enjoy a break without a full hotel experience in the new Hyatt House.

The hotel group says the new location will provide a comfortable home experience, but with some hotel amenities.

Hyatt House, located in Sandton, Johannesburg, is slated to launch in October 2021 and will feature 43 studio rooms and 19 apartment-style suites, all with full kitchens and separate living areas, reminding guests of the comforts of home. the House.

Alternatively, dining experiences include on-the-go snacks and drinks, a gym, and a swimming pool. The interior and exterior designs are intentional to make guests’ stay as comfortable as possible.

Ludwig Bouldoukian, regional vice president of development for the Middle East and Africa, Hyatt, said in a statement that it was the group’s first private label property in South Africa, but the third global hotel. .

“Hyatt House Johannesburg Sandton will join Hyatt Regency Cape Town and we look forward to strengthening our relationship with Hyatt, with the goal of collaborating together on other Hyatt brand hotels in the future. We have every confidence in the resilience of the tourism sector in South Africa; it is an important engine of growth for the economy, generator of jobs and engine of local development.

The tourism industry has been hit hard during the Covid-19 pandemic after travel bans and safety restrictions had to be put in place to ensure countries and cities do their best to stop the spread of the virus.

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In Pictures: Hyatt House’s Home Away From Home concept:

Hyatt House Historic District of Charleston. Image: Supplied
Hyatt Hotels. Image: Supplied
Hyatt House Johannesburg, Sandton Concept Plans. Image: Supplied

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