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9,000 hotel and guest house employees found themselves unemployed

About 9,000 hotel and guest house workers in Ghana have laid off workers.

According to the Progressive Hoteliers Association of Ghana (GPHA), workers have been made redundant due to lack of sponsorship of the services offered. A number of facilities, it has been learned, have either closed completely or are now operating at minimum capacity.

GPHA National President Charles Adu-Gyamfi revealed that the association coordinates the activities of 400 hotels which employ around 12,000 workers.

Of that number, he continued, 9,000 of them are currently unemployed. According to a report from Graphic, he went on to say that he now receives fewer than two guests per night, even though he operates an 80-room hotel.

Adu-Gyamfi said the GPHA is grateful to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for implementing stimulus packages such as commodities such as water and electricity.

He added, however, that the association’s members were eagerly awaiting their share of the GH ¢ 600 million stimulus package announced by the president.

He also called on the government to possibly institute an alternative fund to offer new loans to SMEs in case the COVID-19 pandemic spreads beyond “a certain threshold”.

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