5 must-have items for hostel backpacking

  • For the first time, I stayed in a hostel in the backpacker area of ​​Singapore.
  • I’m a last minute person and decided to bring only the essentials for my overnight trip.
  • While I was glad to have my AirPods, dental kit, and toothbrush with me, I really missed my flip flops.

I booked a night in a capsule hotel in the heart of Singapore’s hiking area earlier this month.

I was a new backpacker and wasn’t sure what to pack. Most of the articles I found online were about long term hiking and provided long lists of essential items.

Although I tend to pack last minute, I was able to make this overnight trip work for me: I packed light and only brought the essentials.

What I’m grateful to have had with me on my first visit to the hostel

From top left to right: Disinfecting wipes, dental kit, backpack, wired headphones, AirPods and portable charger.

From left to right: Wiles disinfectants, dental kit and backpack.

Marielle Descalsota/Insider

  1. A dental kitI figured hostels wouldn’t offer the same luxury amenities as hotels, so I packed my dental kit. My hostel only had dispensers with shampoo and shower gel so I took my toothbrush and tube toothpaste.
  2. laptop charger: My work was done at a nearby cafe, so my laptop and phone weren’t always charged. It was handy to have a portable charger so I could continue working uninterrupted and not worry about the battery life of my devices.
  3. Listeners: To be quiet in the hostel, I had to plug my headphones into my phone when watching YouTube videos or listening to music. For the rare occasions when the AirPods or my wired headphones wouldn’t connect, I brought my AirPods along with my AirPods.
  4. Disinfectant wipesAntibacterial wipes for hiking are essential. When I first set foot in my sleeping space, I noticed black dirt all over the bed and the sides. The wipes were easy to clean. Although I had considered bringing a disinfectant spray to the hostel, it was too humid.
  5. Sneakers: The most practical choice I made was to wear sneakers — and not pack another pair. Although I like to wear heels and boots, I don’t like to wear them in hostels. Shoes that can be worn around town are best.

What did the inside of my backpack look like?

This is what my backpack looked like inside.

Marielle Descalsota/Insider

What I wish I had packed

  1. Flip flopsI didn’t bring flip flops which was my biggest packing mistake. I would have felt more comfortable using the bathroom, taking a shower, and even running late to the convenience store.
  2. portable fan: The air conditioner in my sleeping pod was not working properly. I didn’t know what to expect. To relieve congestion, I kept my door open most of the night. A mini fan would have given me more privacy.

If you are staying in a hostel, keep your luggage light. However, a pair of socks is an ideal choice.

flip flops

I would have preferred a portable fan, as it would have taken up less space, which would have made my stay even more comfortable.