3 of the Best Hostels in Palomino, Colombia

Sup Travelers?! Welcome to another article in the brand new segment of this site called “Trinikid Travels”. Trinikid is best known as an entertainment blog, but as an entertainment blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to work in amazing destinations around the world. And the amazing thing is that I’m just getting started.

I am currently working from Colombia. I am now in Medellin but have just returned from a 3 week trip to Palomino. I immersed myself in the small backpacker community, learning everything there is to know about it. Frankly, there isn’t much. It’s a very small place. It’s basically a stretch of dirt road filled with hostels, hotels, and restaurants.

One of the hardest things to do in Palomino is to choose the right hostel for you because… there are so many hostels. I’ll make the decision easier for you by listing three, and only three, of the best hostels in the small town. Let’s cut to the chase.

1. Hostel El Zoo.

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Hostels are individual to person and whether it is good or not depends on your personal preference. Some people like party hostels, others like chill hostels and social hostels while others like a good mix of both. El Zoo mixes all these attributes well. It’s not a crazy hostel where people drink at all hours of the day, but it’s not too cold and quiet for its own good.

There is a nice little swimming pool, a volleyball net and a nice atmosphere in the bar in the evening.

dream hostel

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Dreamer Hostel is by far the biggest, fanciest and oldest hostel in the community. This is the hostel everyone recommends and the place to go if you want to party. This is the best hostel in town in terms of facilities. Some people say the hostel is too big and it can sometimes be hard to connect with people, while others say it’s the perfect place to meet people. Anyway, if you want to party, Dreamer Hostel is the place to be.

Bella Flor Youth Hostel

Bella Flor Youth Hostel

I stayed at this hostel for two weeks and it is so much more different than the first two hostels mentioned. Bella Flor is hands down, not a party hostel. This is one of the most relaxing hostels I’ve been to. There is no bar, no parties or anything lively like that. However, the hostel is almost ideal for meeting new people. The hostel encourages more personal and deeper relationships with other travelers. It is also a great hostel to relax and unwind. The staff there are like moms and they treat all guests with love and attention.