Dartmouth motels are not a place to live [OPINION]

Dartmouth Building Commissioner Joe Braga has started performing on-site safety inspections at hotels and motels across the city. According to, they are long overdue. Inspections are carried out in conjunction with Dartmouth Police and the Board of Health. The publication reported that Braga briefed the board on the process at its August 23 meeting. […]

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Concerns at North Wales’ first holiday complex over turning guest house into homeless accommodation

Concerns have been expressed about holiday homes in one of Wales’ best seaside resorts being reallocated to house homeless people. Llandudno has a holiday accommodation zone which generally prevents hotels, guesthouses and B & Bs from being used for tourism. But last year the Welsh government introduced contingency planning legislation at the height of the […]


Former Anderson hostels not suitable for rehousing refugees according to government criteria

THE OLD Anderson High School hostels would not be suitable for providing emergency accommodation to relocated Afghan refugees as they would not meet government criteria. In an email seen by News from ShetlandBoard CEO Maggie Sandison said “we need to demonstrate that housing is adequate and secure for at least 12 months and ideally longer”. […]

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11 Steps to Pay Off Credit Card Debt by 2021

In the years before the COVID-19 pandemic, debt was already a major problem for Americans. A Northwestern Mutual study in 2018 found that the average personal debt (excluding home mortgages and those with some debt) exceeded $38,000. Things got worse. Published on 1. Tally Up, Review and Analyze Your Debts Consolidationnow says that the first step […]

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Guests ‘gutted’ as popular York family guesthouse dubbed ‘home’ set to close after more than 90 years

The owner of a popular York guesthouse dubbed “a home away from home” by guests has announced its closure. York Priory in Fishergate will close on September 5 after having been in business for nearly a century. READ MORE: What diners are saying on TripAdvisor about Yorkshire’s best restaurant and UK’s 2nd best restaurant The […]