Pamplin Media Group – Bill makes it easier to convert Oregon motels to low cost housing

House vote sends bill to Senate to avoid possible legal challenges Converting hotels and motels into emergency shelters and low-cost housing would be relaxed under a bill that is halfway through the Oregon legislature. The House voted 41-12 on Wednesday, March 31 to send the bill to the Senate. House Bill 3261 would exclude converting […]


‘Reward for failure’: critics criticize overhaul of council of private homes for the homeless

The Eric Hotel, Voies Vertes. Photography: Google. The town hall is defending itself against major renovations to five buildings for single homeless people, which the London Tenants Federation says is a “reward for failure” for the private company that owns them. The ongoing renovation program for the youth hostels in Finsbury Park, Seven Sisters Road, […]


Manchester officials call on state to freeze emergency housing program at local motels

A sign indicates the offices of the city of Manchester. Courtesy photo Manchester city officials have called on the state to no longer place people enrolled in the state’s emergency housing program in motels across the city, citing a lack of resources available to run the program. On social media, officials’ remarks drew criticism from […]


Lodging tax imposed on hotels, motels, tourist residences Dewey

After some disagreement over when the ordinance came into effect, Dewey Beach commissioners voted 3-2 on March 2 to impose a 1.5% lodging tax on hotels, motels and tourist residences from July 1. Commissioner David Jasinski said passing the tax was the right thing to do, but making it effective on April 1 would be […]