Owners of small Taipei hotels and hostels complain about accessible room rules

[ad_1] PLANNED OBJECTION: Homeowners complain they haven’t been able to recoup the money spent to bring their facilities up to barrier-free access standards By Tsai Ya-hua and William Hetherington / Journalist, with editor More than 100 hotels and hostels in Taipei have installed disabled facilities, as required by the Disability Rights Protection Act (身心 障礙 […]

Guest house

Mysterious guesthouse opens in Kyoto offering 11 different quirky rooms full of quirks

[ad_1] Includes a room where you can adjust your “fear factor” and one that allows you to speak with the deceased. Japan may not celebrate Halloween like the Western world does, but the country has a penchant for outfitting hotel rooms with scary props to scare visitors. And as the recent opening of a guesthouse […]


What is the difference between hostels and hotels?

[ad_1] There is only one letter of difference, but make no mistake: hotels and hostels are very different travel experiences! There is so much to consider when choosing a place to stay on your next vacation. It should be within your price range and within a reasonable distance of your desired travel activities, and you […]