10 Best Hostels in San Diego

Along with its pleasant surroundings and prime location on the Pacific Ocean, San Diego is home to an abundance of parks, museums, and art studios to be proud of. The fact that there is always something to do in this city ensures that there are no dull moments! With so much going on in this sprawling metropolis, choosing the right place to stay can be tricky. Hostels in San Diego are a great choice if a tourist wants to save money as the city can be quite expensive. So here are the ten best hostels to stay in San Diego.

ten United States Hostels Ocean Beach

Visitors won’t find a livelier hostel than USA Hostels Ocean Beach in San Diego! If you stay at this hostel, visitors can walk to the beach in just two blocks along a free shuttle to nearby attractions, though the staff tries to get others to spend a day at the beach with them. Visitors can book a hotel room here for as low as $250. For all other necessities, such as beach gear rentals, visitors will only need to bring a bathing suit and flip-flops. Plus, the hostel has stylish shops, restaurants and cafes nearby! RELATED: 10 Best Hostels in Miami to Save You Money on Your Trip

9 Lucky D’s Hostel

When tourists stay at this lively and exciting hostel, they are sure to receive a plethora of freebies, the most notable of which is the free monthly pub crawl. It’s also within walking distance of the Gaslamp Quarter, home to some of the city’s most engaging and vibrant culture and nightlife. This hostel is a great place to vacation in San Diego, as restaurants, bars, and shops are all within walking distance. If visitors want to start their day off right, they can simply take advantage of the free breakfast and then head to a nearby park for a stroll. Visitors can book a hotel room here for as little as $105.

8 HI San Diego Downtown Hostel

As well as being one of the cheapest accommodations in town, it is also consistently ranked as the best hostel to stay in. This hostel offers free breakfast, hosts events and tours, and has a large kitchen where visitors can cook meals. Plus, they offer video games and a pool table in the common room. Other than that, this hostel’s proximity to the San Diego bus station will be appreciated by visitors on a budget who need to be within walking distance of the bus station. Visitors can reserve a hostel room here for as low as $105.

seven HI San Diego Point Loma Hostel

This place is one of the best places to stay in San Diego for solo travelers. This laid-back hostel is just two miles from Ocean Beach and offers a variety of communal and group activities. If tourists come to San Diego to relax, this incredibly charming inn in Point Loma is the perfect spot for tourists. The hostel environment is laid back and visitors will love this place as they have access to a beautiful back yard which includes a ping pong table, gas grill and fire pit to enjoy a great meal and a game with their loved ones. Visitors can reserve a hostel room here for as low as $86. RELATED: 10 Best Hostels in Montreal to Save You Money on Your Trip

6 ITH Beach Bungalow Surf Hostel

This is a great area to stay in if you’re heading to San Diego to surf. Visitors to Pacific Beach can enjoy a free breakfast served on their outdoor patio while taking in views of the waves and basking in the sun. A combination of surfer/backpacker attitude, beachfront setting, and helpful staff make this one of San Diego’s standout hostels. Surfers and beach lovers will appreciate the welcoming atmosphere this hostel offers. When it comes to relaxing, there are plenty of common rooms to choose from, as well as a few quiet areas that visitors can book into. Besides being eco-friendly, it also serves organic breakfast foods grown organically on site. Visitors can book a hostel room for as little as $97.

5 ITH Adventure Hostel San Diego

ITH Adventure Hostel, located in the heart of Little Italy, is the perfect base for anyone visiting San Diego as it has everything a backpacker could want and more. One of the reasons this is one of the best hostels in San Diego is the way it generates unforgettable experiences through great activities while keeping prices low. Visitors can book a hostel room for as little as $77. So if anyone is looking for a place to stay in San Diego that has a fantastic environment and is close to Balboa Park, it is best to stay here at this hostel because all the attractions in the area including the famous San Diego Zoo San Diego, theaters and walking paths are within walking distance of this location.

4 ITH Colive Balboa Park Hostel

Hostel guests can mingle and socialize in certain common areas of this calming, reasonably priced property. This hostel has a library for digital nomads that includes individual workstations for increased productivity. It also welcomes those who want more energy, as tea and coffee are always ready. This hostel is the best of both worlds as visitors can work quietly in the library while enjoying frequent hostel activities and cool common areas when they want to relax. Visitors can book a hostel room for as little as $77. RELATED: 10 Best NYC Hostels to Save You Money on Your Trip

3 California Dreams Hostel

This hostel has a cozy common room that visitors can always enjoy. They also have free breakfast burritos, and if visitors plan to visit La Jolla Cove, California Dreams Hostel should be on their schedule too! Meanwhile, they also offer surf lessons if visitors want to improve their boarding skills. Visitors can book a hostel room for as little as $125. Travelers can enjoy the shared lounge, which hosts evening entertainment, as well as the inn’s restaurant, which serves breakfast and dinner daily. Guests can choose between shared rooms and private rooms, each including a private bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi, hair dryer, complimentary toiletries, microwave, and bedrooms. also shared!

2 Old Town West Inn

Hostel accommodations are some of the most affordable in the area near San Diego International Airport, even though it is a hostel. The rooms are equipped with TV, free Wi-Fi, dry cleaning service and vehicle rental. The Old Town Western Inn is a great option for travelers who need quick access to the airport, especially those with early or late flights. This place is a good option for travelers who need to get to and from the airport quickly, especially those who fly early or late at night. Visitors can reserve a hostel room for as little as $127.

1 Found San Diego Hostel

San Diego’s largest upscale hostel is located in the Little Italy neighborhood and features a restored 20th-century building that attempts to reflect the neighborhood to provide an authentic local experience. Visitors can reserve a hostel room for as low as $135. As a Found San Diego guest, visitors don’t have to choose between a hostel and an upscale hostel when vacationing. There are single rooms and dorms in the Little Italy neighborhood, making it an ideal base for visiting the Gaslamp Quarter, Balboa Park, and the airport. NEXT: 10 Best Hostels in Rome to Save You Money