10 Best Horror Movies About Hotels, According To Reddit

Some summer horror releases coming in 2022 feature perfectly eerie settings, from a mansion in the middle of nowhere to Body Body Body at the remote ranch of Nope. A horror movie set in a hotel is always fun because the main characters are often away from home and, in many cases, in a rural area where no one can help them if things go wrong.

There are several awesome horror films set in motels or hotels, some of them haunted by evil spirits and others featuring killers ecstatic when their latest victims arrive. These hotel stays are memorable but not in the way the characters expected.


1408 (2007)

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Redditor cbri advised 1408, the 2007 film about Mike Enslin, a writer who stays in a haunted hotel despite not being convinced he believes it. The fan wrote, “This is one of my favorite movies. Does it all happen in his head while he’s sitting on the bed? Does he come out of the trance long enough to start the fire? “

1408 is an excellent adaptation of a Stephen King short story, as Mike realizes he was totally wrong in thinking the supernatural doesn’t exist, and he has a terrifying experience in room 1408 of New York’s Dolphin. The movie has all the hallmarks of a good king’s tale, things that can’t be explained to a main character struggling with his own sad emotions and demons.

Werewolves Inside (2021)

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Sam Richardson in Werewolves Within

Whereas Werewolves inside tells the story of the inhabitants of Beaverfield who learn that a creature is hunting people, there is also a hotel element. redditor terrorplex shared that “parts of Werewolves inside takes place in a hotel. Good watch if you haven’t seen it yet.”

The film is a unique take on the haunted hotel subgenre as the characters find safety in a lodge for a time, and it’s the perfect spooky place for them to take stock of what’s going on. and develop a plan. It helps that Werewolves inside is also hilarious and clever, making it one of the most unique takes on a werewolf movie in a long time.

The Innkeepers (2011)

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Claire sits next to a ghost in bed in The Innkeepers

redditor grunulak shared that “Innkeepers is great, I really enjoyed it. “While there are many fictional haunted hotels, this one might just take the cake. Luke and Claire work at the Yankee Peddler Inn and they seem to love their jobs, although the place is closing down.” after. They love looking for spirits and Luke even has a website where he shares the spooky ghosts at that particular location.

As Claire learns more about the darkness of this inn, she becomes more involved. Fans of Ti West’s popular 2022 release X will want to watch his 2011 film, especially because the ending is incredibly well done.

Hostel (2006)

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Paxton bound and gagged

Responding to a thread about movies focusing on motels and hotels, Redditor zionvongrimm mentioned “Hotel.“Josh Brooks and Paxton Rodriguez travel to Slovakia with a man named Alexei whom they know nothing about. It already seems like the worst idea, and the friends learn this in an extremely hard and painful way.

Hotel is not for the faint-hearted and is an incredibly dark, bloody and brutal story about two friends who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. It takes the common advice not to trust strangers to a whole new gruesome level.

Vacancy (2007)

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Amy and David in bed on vacation

Several horror movies take a couple who are already in dire straits as their marriage fails and then put them in the weirdest situation imaginable. SunnyKick Redditor shared that a hotel is a “Really great setting. I like it too” and said that Vacancy fits this category.

Amy and David Fox are staying at a hotel where there are cameras in every room, and they learn that they are being watched, quickly wondering what is going on there. Although Amy isn’t a famous enough character to be considered a classic final girl, she resists the killer in impressive fashion, figuring out how to get herself and her husband out of this horrible situation.

Eaten Alive (1977)

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Eaten Alive (1976)

An editor in chief suggested Tobe Hooper’s “eaten alive“like a scary movie about the Starlight Hotel, which is in Texas. The main characters all end up there for various reasons, and since it’s near a swamp and there’s also a crocodile, it’s not a story that audiences will forget so easily.

The film is more campy than The Texas Chainsaw Massacrethe 1974 film that Hooper is famous for directing, and it’s a wild ride that has a fast pace and shocking scenes.

Psycho (1960)

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An image from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

Writer Pwengu wrote that “Hitchcocks psychology is the obvious choice” for a spooky film set in a hotel. The Bates Motel in California is one of the most iconic haunted hotels, along with the Overlook Hotel from the horror classic the brilliant.

Norman and Norma Bates live together at the motel and since they’re so far away from everyone else, it makes for an even scarier setting. Location is one of the reasons why psychology holds up today.

cold prey (2006)

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Redditor Tee_313 recommended norwegian film cold preydescribing the plot as “5 friends head to the mountains to go snowboarding. They end up spending the night in a large abandoned hotel, closed 30 years ago.”

Horror buffs looking for a particularly nerve-wracking setting will appreciate the lodge at cold prey, where no one has stayed for decades. As the friends decide to stay there as they have no other choice, they quickly realize it was a very bad idea. The film is one of the most alarming and terrifying stories with this kind of place.

Motel Hell (1980)

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The exterior of the Hell Motel

Redditor MagicalMysticalMyth shared that their “guilty pleasure choice” is “Motel Hell. “The great horror comedy tells the story of Vincent Smith, who runs a motel and is also a butcher. It’s easy to guess what will happen next, but even if the plot is expected, it’s still horrible to imagine this story actually unfolds.

The movie gets really gross and gory when people learn they want to get as far away from Vincent and his weird motel as possible. It’s not for everyone, but Motel Hell offers a distinct take on a spooky hotel story, as Vincent isn’t exactly your typical hotel owner who wants everyone’s stay to be as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Identity (2003)

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Redditor ubuntu000 advised”Identify“, which finds ten strangers staying at a motel in Nevada. As people begin to get murdered, the characters want to know who the killer is and get to know each other better.

Identify has shocking deaths with a twist that audiences won’t soon forget. The fact that a huge storm is also unfolding at the time the guests are in the motel makes it even more powerful, so the setting of Identify really unbeatable.

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